34. Division 1 to the Premiership

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know (and if not just read through some of my previous posts) I was seeing a guy who worked in the football industry as an agent. Well my next date, this time someone from the dating website, is a football journalist! He’s originally Palestinian and reports on all the premiership games for an Arabic TV channel. He’s about 5ft 9 and has the most amazing green eyes! He’s also pretty cute.

The online banter is not amazing but we seem to get along alright and we arranged to meet up at a bar not far from where I live. The bar he chose is pretty nice, quiet and spacious – there’s literally only two other people in the place. As for his appearances… well he looks very much as promised in that he’s quite athletic and toned – he plays a lot of football as well as talking about it for a living, and he trains at the gym even more than I do!

Premiership guy scores well on dress code too, smart jeans, a casual short-sleeved top and smart trainers – no monster shoes like Frodo Feet (big relief). And his eyes? OMG in real life they are even more beautiful, I could gaze into them for hours, which is kind of what I end up doing as we get to know each other. On top of that his eyelashes are as long and thick as mine are short and insubstantial.

He’s recently divorced and has two kids –that I knew about before we met (he was very upfront about that). The first date went of extremely well, conversation flowed easily and comfortably and the banter is much better than I expected. He’s really relaxed and refreshingly honest about what he wants from dating. Although he’s not long divorced he’s been separated for almost a year and is not looking for casual fun – or at least so he says.

We talk about religion and marriage – kind of important when you’re not religious and the other person is. He’s a non-practicing Muslim, i.e. he has the occasional drink, is not adverse to sex before marriage and doesn’t pray as often as he thinks he should.

We talk about relationships and marriage even – he brings this up along with kids as he wants to know where I’m at. I tell him marriage one day with the right guy and if kids come along great, but if they don’t I’m just as happy. He says he’d like more and that marriage is not that important to him (not surprising given his own marital status).

In fact we talk about a hell of a lot, for several hours and after devouring a sharing platter of bar food we end up going for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. We sit in the park chatting until the last tubes by which point I’m cold and the conversation has started to dry up – I really ought to have called it a night sooner but I was too busy staring at those hypnotic eyes.

He then walked me to the tube and gave me a very respectful kiss on the cheeks and we’ve agreed to meet up again soon.

Is it too soon to say I’m hopeful again? Probably yes but we’ll see in the next post…


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