23. Trench-Coats and Power Trips

Last time I left off I’d had my first date with our man in IT and was figuring to meet him again to see if we had anything more in common than a mutual love of sushi, sake and shitake mushrooms.  But in the meantime I was cooking up some equally delectable plans for my next liaison with Football Guy.  And so this ‘episode’ is dedicated to a most delicious evening of mild debauchery.

It all started with some light sexting, talking about the next time we were going to meet up and what I imagined doing to him.  And then inspiration hit, I knew exactly what I was going to do the next time I saw him!   A long time ago, when I was still with my ex but not living with him, I used to have to make an hour long train journey to get to his place.  One evening I decided that I’d give him a special surprise, I decided to turn up on his doorstep semi-naked.  Yep I traveled halfway across the city in nothing more than a bra, flimsy knickers, stockings, suspenders, heels, and of course the obligatory trench-coat!  He was as I’d anticipated completely shocked, slightly awed, and as excited as a kid on Christmas Day who’s just about to unwrap a large box that keeps making yapping noises and smells a bit of puppy poo.   Needless to say what followed was fast, no holds barred passionate sex in the hallway of his flat – thankfully he was living alone at the time.

So I decided to take a leaf out of that particular sex book and play dress-up or should I say ‘dress in as little as public decency will allow’.  I started off by laying the groundwork with ‘small’ hints to Football Guy that I might be wearing something a little special for him that evening.  I then gently enquired if he would mind being ever so slightly… restrained.  He seemed intrigued and quite amenable to the idea of getting a little ‘tied up’.  So with the prey well and truly bated, it was time to prepare myself.  I put on my much coveted Agent Provocateur peep bra and panties, along with black laced topped hold ups, 4 inch black patent heels and of course, the obligatory trench-coat.  In this case it was a very cute blue and white striped coat that flares out just after the waist, long enough to look like I could be wearing a short skirt underneath but short enough to imagine that I might not be.

I drove to the station to pick him up and just before getting there ensured that my coat was open just enough on one leg to see the smallest glimpse of stocking.  I pulled up at the station, he got in and I saw him glance at my legs straight away and clock the glimpse of stocking I’d shown as an invite.  I’ll give him credit, he did well to say nothing and we both pretended that nothing out of the ordinary was going on.  We talked about each others’ day, both aware of what was only just on the peripheral of his line of vision.  It was all I could do to concentrate on the road ahead as my mind started skipping on to what would happen next.  I will also admit to being extremely nervous; I know that guys generally like any kind of flimsy lingerie and I doubt there’s many would complain if their partner turned up semi-naked, but still it’s always a little nerve-wracking exposing yourself, to another – in both senses.

Thankfully the drive to my house is a short one and no major traffic incidents occurred on the way.  My God, to think, how would I explain that one to my mother if I’d had a crash and had to be cut out of my car, only for the ambulance man to find me semi-naked and begging them not to damage my rather expensive lingerie should it need to be removed in order to treat my injuries…. Oh dear, sorry just side-tracking into a very different fantasy there…

So ehhhem…. erm, where was I?  Oh yes, I was just about to pull up in front of my house.  My flat-mate had kindly vacated for the evening so I knew I had free rein to do as I pleased in any room (bar hers of course, eww… that would just be weird) I so choose to and with as loud a voice as I care to.  I apologise to my neighbours for all the noise they have to endure whole-heartedly here, as I’m too embarrassed to do so in person.  We walked into the house, closed the door and asked him, “So, are you curious to know what I’ve got on under this coat?”  “Hell yeah!” he replies.  To which I reply by unfastening my coat and letting it drop to the floor – along with his jaw and his tongue.  Stage one accomplished and already I am a happy lady!

With my newly found confidence I let him take in the sight of me, standing in almost plain view of the front door (Thank God for distorted glass!), in black lacey bra and panties and high heels.  I then look him dead in the eye and ask salaciously “So where do you want to fuck me first?”  Oh the look of shock on his face as he tried to get his brain to engage his mouth and formulate any words beyond ‘yes please!’  After a moment he was able to collect himself long enough to splutter “Where would you like?”… clearly any type of decision-making processes were quite beyond him at this moment in time and I will admit I was relishing the feeling of control and dominance.  I looked over my shoulder, considered for a few seconds and turned to face him again “I think we’ll start in the kitchen”

Oh My God! Wow! The whole power thing, coupled with seeing our reflection in the kitchen window.  Knowing that although we’re not in anyone’s direct line of vision, all it would take is for someone to pass by the back yard and they would see me perched on the edge of the counter with Football Guy screwing me as if his life depended on it.  After trying out the kitchen counter (note to flat-mate if she sees this, yes I thoroughly cleaned the surfaces afterwards), we migrated into the sitting room to try out a few other positions before finally collapsing into a sweaty but sated heap.

A couple of hours later I am fully dressed in a simple fitted wrap dress, and we’ve refueled and recuperated our spent energy.  We relax and chat casually about this and that, but with the difference that this time we’re actually listening to what the other person is saying rather than what one of us might or might not be wearing.  Football Guy eventually glances at his watch and says that he may have to go in the next hour or so.  In that case I tell him, we’d best go upstairs as I have more plans in store for him there!

Now this is the part where I’ll admit I was extremely nervous, conversely this was also the part where I really let my more dominant side come out.  I was scared shitless of looking like an idiot and failing to come across as the depraved sex vixen I was trying to portray, and looking more like a clumsy, uncoordinated fool playing dress-up.  The truth of the matter is, for me to do any of this I have to be really comfortable with the person I’m ‘playing with’, and because it normally takes me a damn long time to trust someone that much, I don’t get to play like this very often at all – hence the nervous clumsiness – I did actually almost fall over at one point.

Now to set the scene I should give you a little geography of my room, I have a large king-size bed centered at one end of the room, with a handy headboard that has allowance for one to be tied to it by the wrists if one wishes to.  My wardrobe is one of those large ones that covers the whole back wall and has a very large mirror on one sliding door, that rather handily is directly opposite my bed – a detail that I have to admit has been of great benefit on more than one occasion, and not just for checking out my hair… I have a vanity table and chair on another side of the room where I can do that from.

But back to the main event – I lead Football Guy up the stairs and into my bedroom.  Straight away he spots the two silk scarves placed on the bed, raises an eyebrow and smiles knowingly looking across at the headboard.  Nope I say and move the chair from the table to the end of my bed, directly facing the large mirror.  Ohhhh really? He says and I can see his interest is further piqued.  I instruct him to undress down to his pants, blindfold him with one scarf and tie his wrists behind the back of the chair with the other.  To my great relief he’s immediately turned on and even laughs at the realization of why I had a hefty swig of rum before taking him upstairs… Dutch courage!

I put on some music to further relax me and start teasing him, brushing past him lightly, running my fingers up his thighs and then my tongue.  After playing around like this for a while, I take my dress off and take his blindfold off so he gets to see what I’m doing to him; both directly in front of him and of course the reflection in the mirror.  Once I have gotten him sufficiently wound up, and consequently myself (I get immensely horny by turning on the person I’m with), I take my panties off and straddle him on the chair.

Oh. My. God!!! What followed was perhaps the most earth-shatteringly, eardrum piercingly turn your legs to jelly, sex had in recorded history!  And I’m even exaggerating that much.  It was truly amazing!

At one point his hands came loose – clearly I did not get awarded a badge for knot-tying when I was in the Girl Guides – and he did something that was such a small movement, almost insignificant, but it almost made me implode with pleasure… All he did was grab my ass and tilt my hips in towards him, but this tiny movement had me seeing stars and made my ears pop (weird thing but occasionally, if I’m having really great sex, my ears literally pop and my teeth feel all vibratey).

After that he wasn’t going anywhere… to be honest I think we were both too exhausted to move any further than the chair to the bed! He ended up staying overnight, which I know is breaking one of the cardinal rules if you’re keeping things casual, but I’m using the excuse that it was for our own safety – I could not have operated any heavy machinery e.g. a car after a session like that!

So there you have it – I’ve still not managed my fantasy of doing a striptease or a pole dance for a guy, but I do feel one step closer to having the confidence to do so.  And who knows… if he plays his cards right, Football Guy could be the lucky recipient.

Hmm, I think I’m gonna need a bigger shot of rum for that one…


4 thoughts on “23. Trench-Coats and Power Trips

    • Thanks, yeah I have to admit it took me a long while to find someone I was comfortable enough to do this with. I hope you find someone soon so you can give something like this a go too 😉

  1. Just wonderful, Kissy.

    From one fantasy to another, in the space of one night. And the way you described the second one … I can tell you were right back there in your mind as you wrote it, straddling your tied-down man.

    Sexy as all hell. You lucky girl!

    • Thanks RoseTinted, so glad you enjoyed it! I found it hard to keep the balance of keeping it entertaining but not too graphic to stay in keeping with the rest of my posts.
      Also I’m not quite as anonymous as I once was, I try not to let it compromise my writing but it can be challenging at times.

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